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Antoine Distribution has 3 operating sites. A main platform located in Cholet (49) including :

  • A 1000 m2 platform in positive cold,
  • A 1200 m2 platform at ambient temperature,
  • A 600 m3 freezing part


From the Pays de la Loire region, per day, we handle 4000 pallets and make 90 trips on the CHOLET-PARIS-NORD-BELGIUM line.

On this axis, 60% of the transported goods go to PARIS and the Paris region, 40% to the North.

  • An agency located in Wissous (91) with 53 gates, 600 m3 freezing section and 6500 m2 in positive cooling
  • An agency located in Athies (near Arras 62) with 800 m2 platform in positive cold.

From our agencies Massy (91), ​​Chilly Mazarin (91) and Arras (62), we ensure the transport of your goods to the Pays de La Loire (44-49-79-85) in positive cold and negative cold.

To date, our fleet is composed of 190 tractors, 220 refrigerated tractor trailers (with a capacity of 33 pallets on the ground) and 26 refrigerated straight trucks.